I feel like I’ve reached the point where I can put the hidden corners of my soul on full display, for everyone to see, or for no one. I’m choking. I’m tired of feeling like I can’t breathe. Behind these still eyes and smile there’s a soul gasping for air. I feel like I don’t […]


I hate the comfortable feel of groping in the dark The familiar feeling of darkness Despair leaves a bitter taste in the mouth like a sip of Guinness I’m high off the lean mixed with my insecurities Inexplicably made in this red cup of life I’m drawn to those like me Groping about in the […]


Someday you will realise that we are human and this flesh needs to be protected from jumping through the glass encasing your heart to get to you Speak when you can, if you must. People cannot hear your thoughts. But these feelings in my gut are louder than passers-by on a busy Lagos road.


You are all you’ve got in a lonesome world even with the bond of family, the handshakes of friends and the genuine thought of a loved one. Still, you’re all you’ve got in this lonesome world when you go to bed at night and with difficulties the birds are even present when there are good […]


My love has got my attention to detail amplified So I hope you understand my mentioning things for you to consider and reconsider, over and over again Like an obsessive-compulsive doing the count I hope you understand it’s love when I break shit and try to fix it Trying to stand the rain when there […]


Everyone deserves to have a voice. Yes, even you. Your voice should be heard. Your dreams are valid. Your concerns are important. Your needs are to be cared for. Do not let anyone deceive you into thinking you’re an obsessive-compulsive maniac. Those loud voices in your head, conditioned by the world have forced you to […]


The battle now is one of consistency Putting one foot in front of the other Walking the straight plank step by step and trying not to look down Trying not to drown I will let my faith carry me I have nothing to lose Surrendering this life of misery in exchange for the peace of […]