So I’m currently reading “The Way of the Superior Man:The Teaching Sessions” by David Deida and I know it’s only been a couple of days but I can’t help thinking of decisions I take minute after minute without considering if it’s in line with my “Deepest Purpose”. I know I want to achieve great things […]


Making conscious efforts to connect with your core daily, are an effective way of the superior man. Better late than never but I’m now acutely aware of the need to connect with my core and fully realise the reason for my existence. Better late than never but I’m learning to come out of my shell […]


It’s another gloomy day in the month of October Another day, another season of dark clouds cumulonimbus state of mind feelings of worthlessness and death and pain, and regret, and dread and pangs of guilt-soaked tears coursing through my fingers leaving the evidence all over my black shirt all the sighs and “have-beens”, and the […]


I never realized how much I missed the sacrifice of the Mass. I’ve been away for so long and I feel a pang of sadness and guilt. I never want to experience this feeling of loss ever again. This is where I belong.


I feel like I’ve reached the point where I can put the hidden corners of my soul on full display, for everyone to see, or for no one. I’m choking. I’m tired of feeling like I can’t breathe. Behind these still eyes and smile there’s a soul gasping for air. I feel like I don’t […]


I hate the comfortable feel of groping in the dark The familiar feeling of darkness Despair leaves a bitter taste in the mouth like a sip of Guinness I’m high off the lean mixed with my insecurities Inexplicably made in this red cup of life I’m drawn to those like me Groping about in the […]


Someday you will realise that we are human and this flesh needs to be protected from jumping through the glass encasing your heart to get to you Speak when you can, if you must. People cannot hear your thoughts. But these feelings in my gut are louder than passers-by on a busy Lagos road.